Velaqua Company recently launched the improved version of its water replacement filtration system. The replacement filters have proven their efficiency in carrying out various processes to achieve healthy drinking water. The steps include purification, alkalization and energizing of water. These methods are all considered natural, and the company has ruled out that neither chemicals nor electricity is involved. These latest developments have come at the right time when the demand for consumable healthy water rises. People around the world are advised to use the velaqua water replacement filters which come in two different brands which suit the client's description.


The filters are characterized by a ceramic ring whose primary purpose is trapping of contaminants in the water. Both living and non-living organisms have no chance of passing the ring of filters. Bacterial and spiral agents are also not left out as they are the main contaminants of water. The ceramic filter is rated at 0.25 to 0.85.


The water replacement filters are also involved in adding energy in water passing through it. The system has ion infusions on the ceramic discs which are engaged in breaking down of the water molecules. The discs also help in incorporating minerals such as tourmaline, zeolite and far-infrared. These minerals increase the level of water energy, and they also come in handy with many health benefits.


The water replacement filters are also characterized with natural minerals located at the base. These crystals are known as alkalizers. They increase the level of Ph in water making it more alkaline. These minerals also act as oxidizing agents of the water. They have the potential of increasing the oxygen reduction level making the water have an anti oxidant effect.


An organic coconut carbon made of fiber enables purification of water in the filters. The carbon is incorporated with silver for it to accomplish its purpose. Carbon capability of creating water is known all around the world. Also, the antiseptic effect of carbon enriches water purification. If you want to learn more about Velaqua Replacement Filters, you can visit


The Velaqua water replacement filters are cost effective. The client does not need electricity when using this system. It has helped reduce global warming as customers don't have to get electricity from burning fossils which releases very harmful chemicals in the air. The only type of energy involved in Velaqua is natural gravity which enables the water exchange in the different chambers of the system.



The Velaqua replacement filters ensure no water wasting or plumbing activities required since the water that comes out of the system is purified and safe. Pipes containing copper are also not needed as they cause a harmful effect to human body. The velaqua water replacement filters are the best!